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Jessica Spira, VP of Partner Growth

Ziff Media Group

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Kassidy Cook

"(impact.com) is a really clean and seamless way to track your analytics of your post and your commission-base performance by the post."

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How do I join the impact.com Brand Marketplace?

Here are five sure-fire reasons thousands of publishers and creators have joined.



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Q: How big of an audience do I need, in order to be successful?

It depends on a collection of factors, but rule of thumb is if you have an Alexa rank, Moz Domain Authority, your combined audience is large enough to likely get approved, barring any other unforeseen circumstances, into our Brand Marketplace.

Q: Speaking of, what is the Brand Marketplace?

It’s a wonderful place where you have access to 1000s of the world’s best brands from retail, finance, travel, and B2B, that are primed for partnerships. Here you can access their direct contact info and start a partnership, on your own terms, where you share your audience.

Q: What types of partners is impact.com's Brand Marketplace ideal for?

Believe it or not, all types of partners. Have you grown a product, service, or audience that you’d like to monetize and start a revenue stream from? Even if you have a modest audience, partnerships can take you to the next level.

Q: How do I meet new brands to partner with?

Great news! As soon as you’re approved to the Brand Marketplace, you’ll be sent a list of brands you’re “Pre-Qualified” to start a campaign with. After that, you can directly reach out to brands, or brands looking to partner, will reach out to you. Let the partnering begin!

Q: What power do I have, to earn money? Rather than just inserting tracking links + codes in my social handles.

Plenty! You have the power to negotiate how you want to be paid by brands; believe it or not, commissions are just 1 of the many ways you can get paid by brands.

Q: I applied before and put in the wrong contact info. What should I do?

Re-apply and make sure all of your media properties & contact details all are consistent.

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